Berber looped water resistant beige carpet with stain protection


Warmth & Comfort

Carpet, of course, is known for contributing to an overall comfortable home environment and adding a nice, cozy warmth to the rooms it’s installed in.  At Black Diamond Flooring, we offer uncompromising quality carpet solutions for your home. Whether you need tightly looped carpet for a high traffic living room or soft, cut pile carpet for a comfy bedroom, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer carpets with moisture barrier backing and waterproof carpet pad to help prevent spills and pet accidents from damaging subfloors.  We offer nylon and polyester carpet in a wide variety of styles, thicknesses and colors to choose from to suit your flooring needs.

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Differences in Carpet Fibers

Nylon Carpet – Known for durability and resilience/bounce-back

Nylon is the most commonly used fiber for creating carpets as it has exceptional flexibility and durability. Nylon carpet is an excellent choice for high traffic areas as it is resistant to matting down and the fibers will bounce-back to their original shape after being compacted from foot-traffic. Our manufacturers have unique dye processes which give the nylon fibers superb fade and stain resistance. Nylon carpet’s resilience allows it to hold up well to wear-and-tear, making it a durable choice that will last many years.

Polyester Carpet – Known for softness and fade resistance

Although polyester is not as versatile a fiber as nylon, it performs well in its own right. Polyester carpet offers excellent softness, color intensity and fade resistance. It is also intrinsically stain resistant as the fiber itself repels liquid. Our manufacturers have unique dye processes which ensure further fade and stain resistance.

Although polyester is not known for durability as much as nylon, it’s important to note that there is a wide range of qualities when it comes to carpet choices. A high-grade polyester carpet may perform as well as a low-grade nylon carpet, so it’s important to compare carpets of an equivalent quality. We look forward to installing the best carpet you’ve laid feet on in years!